Crystal memories

touched by your voice, in the moonlight

"Nothing lasts." You said.

But everything still holds meaning in my heart

Hidden deep in my mind

River to the time

That we once shard together-

the pictures are still on the wall and why.

Shining smiles, like snow flakes.

All melted and gone away

Only answer was to live.

And I am still here-

with your memories...

Dreaming hopelessly.

Holding in my heart

all the flowers you left...

Crystallized moments

Shattered into frozen pieces in my tears

River of moonlight

I hear your voice echoing.

But I am here, alone.

Crystal melodies

moments so sweet, I remember

"Nothing lasts." You said.

Then why is pain still confusing memories

Only time will go on

River has its end

Our light was blown by the wind

My fingers reach out and find no one there

Rainy sky, please tell me emptiness will be filled

Only answer was to live.

and I am still here-

with your memories...

walking hopelessly.

Holding in my eyes

all the colours you left...

broken melodies

No more singing, no more laughing in the sun

River of moonshine

I hear your voice echoing

But I'm still alone...
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