Roaming inbetween the worlds of sleep and awake

Seems so far away from where I've been and untrue but ubafraid

Intrusting- my soul- I know I must be taken to see the wourld that is

Not so far from now

Imaginations come and sweep the shores of my mind

Letting it be, visions pass, and emotions arise-

Letting them go, and beyond are doors I've never seen, opening one by one

Wake up and show the light, wake up the time is right

I hear a voice, hear a voice calling out to me

Loot inside, see the light now ever holding you

All the truth is all you need to make of your reality, its right there

Look deep within your shell

Finding out a galaxy of planets and stars within me

Listening to each of them singing the same silent melody

I've never seen such beauty in possibility- no speak of doubt or fear

The sandglass starts for another time's beginning from within

Cotton fields, mama's arms are gently unfolding me into the new...

Wake up and show the light, wake up the time is right

Here from behind my sight, my thoughts my mind

Show from the light

The time is right

And from the depth within show the balance

Of outer and inner harmony

Mind and heart, soul and spirit undivided

Here's where the true strength and beauty lies

We'll see this before us with our own eyes

We'll see, with our own eyes...
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