English Short story:The Blindfold



He has always had the blindfold.


May be injured, or hordeolum and the like. His left eye is covered, looks nothing special, but it has some golden ribbon special pattern, it seems to be just a nice decoration Bale. I have never seen him take off the blindfold, looks like a sinister secret hiding something like, if you try to touch his eye, he will make the boundaries and sudden becomes not to go near. That cold as the eyes like a knife in my neck has been scratched several times.


Besides, he was a very good person to get along . Talks funny, looks clean, and he does not hate anyone, he may be the only person that is understand me.


Speaking of me, I can be in the classroom which is not a popular figure, even to the extent of being spurned, indeed, will be close to me are just trying to take advantage of me or laugh at me, he is the only real friend.


We do not say no, in addition to his blindfold each other outside do not have any secrets. Sometimes, people talking the gossip that is about the relationship of he and me, but he did not complain. He even abandoned by everyone, we can not deny the fact. When he was the gossip's subject , he always looked at me all sorts of boring, looks like listening to the old professor that boring lecture, I often laugh him this move.


He really is a very special person, perhaps too special. Sometimes I can not particularly close to him. He always has a bottom line, everyone  not allowed into it. We might maintain our current friendship, but always felt it was a wall. As I do not understand why he would disappear every day at noon, and come back until third class in the afternoon; as I also do not understand why he did not take off the blindfold so persistent insisted. I do not know him, do not fully understand. That is why I believed we should not have the boundary. Because we are friend.


I pull his blindfold, he looks silly and suddenly stop talking, because we are chatted to a half. I opened the secret. At first I did not pay attention, but I saw it.


That was ...


His eyes are not the eyes. In there, not only have a myriad of small white teeth, but also kept twitching. His was very anger and roared, and staring at me .


" Why you do that? "

" I just want to know more about you ."

" This is just my final privacy ." He snatched his Blindfold, " really had enough, why everyone did this to me? "

"What? There are other people also know about this? " I always thought I was the first one to know the secret!

"Yes, indeed, of course ." His mouth slightly bent, "They seem to enjoy watching other people's secrets and spread it out loud, and thinking that this looks like a big scandal so sinister ... ... " Then he 's face suddenly close to me.

"Do you really want to know about this? "

"Do you really want to know where my eye is? "


He said those words, so I had to pay attention to his left eye, it looks like the bottomless hole, and the small dense denticles fully around the hole.


" I know it! " I roared, which for him is probably posturing.


He did not say anything, in sudden, my left eye felt like hit by something, killing pain, I touched, only to find blood all over my face, and I felt my left eye ...... wait, where my left eye going?


" In fact, you can avoid this kind of thing, but you violated my last line." He helped me put on his "Blindfold", before he turned, I saw my left eye with a contact lens in gray just right on his face.


After that, I never saw him again, he was like that never existed, totally disappeared. We do not mention this man or simply do not know this person. I'm rather curious about the blindfold.


I always took off his blindfold, looking the eye which is no longer exists, and the teeth kept crawling around the hole. Only by a closer look, you found that it was all some white worms , they are re- drill into my flesh . I remember I was screaming, yelling and crying. I smashed all the mirrors. I becoming less talk to people, timid, I only use the blindfold to disguise myself, it seemed to be my last line of defense, and every day I am carefully guarding it . So, enron spent several years.


Until the one day the new teacher wants take off my blindfold. His hand just right through of my head. Suddenly, he froze there. I also froze there, too. In three seconds, I cannot think anything about this situation and what going to happen.


The only thing that I am thinking. That is those white worms who are squirming, in the hole, the left eye hole.


"What? You... ... "  The teacher slowly backwards.

I remember that time he said so, so I do the same.

"Do you really want to know where my eye is? "








=== The End ===


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