There's so much on my mind lately

I can't make out my own thoughts anymore

I don't know where one begins and the other one ends

I wish that I could push a button an d turn it all off

Just for a little while

Long enough to take a breath and then I'll know



It'll be OK, It'll be Alright

There's so much that needs to be done lately

I can't make out what's important anymore

I don't know where my needs begin and someone else's end

I don't wanna let anyone down cause

I feel like I'm falling down when I do

But for now would someone else please volunteer to say...



Life is hard for everyone so let's blow it all off

Just for a little while

Let's take a break

It'll still be there when we get back

I always try to solve all our problems by working real hard

Going just another mile

But every now and then I think we should let it go and say...



This is my last verse and it's for everyone feeling not so great today

We don't know what's coming just around the bend

Always hard to believe in your own life easier to find belief for a friend

I'll hope for you

You for me and together we can say...












~ The End ~ 

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